Thursday, August 13, 2009

Titan Archives

Divisio Militaris
Rules Discussions and Tactica

Is the Phantom worth 2500pts? - Thoughts on the Phantom's advance release rules.

Arena of Death - Phantom vs Warlord
- Pitting giant robots against each other in brutal combat.

Titans in Assault - How to deal with being assaulted, when to assault and what to look out for.

Pre Game Planning - What you need to work out before the game has even begun, and why it's important.

Apocalypse Rules & Dirty Tricks - A few bits and pieces many people miss in the Apoc rulebook.

Blast Weapon Deviation
- How likely are you to hit your target? A bit of mathammer to help you out.

Is the Phantom Worth 2500 points? - Analysis and thoughts on the experimental rules.

Arena of Death: Phantom vs Warlord - The two giants slugging it out in no-holds barred combat!

Choosing Titan Weapons

Part 1 - Intro and mission purpose
Part 2 - The Vulcan Mega Bolter
Part 3 - The Inferno Gun
Part 4 - The Plasma Blasgun
Part 5 - The Twin Turbolaser
Part 6 - Equiping a Warhound (also includes some modeling advice)
Part 7 - The Gatling Blaster
Part 8 - The Melta Cannon
Part 9 - The Volcano Cannon (Reaver)
Part 10 - The Lasblaster
Part 11 - The Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Part 12 - The Vortex Support Missile

How to Kill a Titan

Part 1 - The basics
Part 2 - Space Marines

Other Superheavy Articles

Shadowsword variants I
- The six made from the plastic kits

Divisio Mandati
Background and Painting

Igneus Angelus and Praedecatio - Picture gallery

Unforgiven - Igneus Angelu's knee art step by step

Igneus Angelus - Solo gallery with full completion

Phantom Titan Build

Part 1: Inventory and cleaning
Part 2: Trimming and dry fitting

Magnetising the Tertiary Weapons.

Divisio Investigatus
Concept Rules and Scratchbuilding

Corvus Assault Pod - Rules ideas for the Titan mounted assault system

Closing the Gap - Changes to the Superheavy rules to bring them into the same durability level as Gargantuan Creatures.

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