Sunday, October 25, 2009

Divisio Investigatus: Corvus Assault Pod

The Corvus Assault Pod (and its wierder Assault Head varient) is originally from Adeptus Titanicus, an expansion part that allowed a Titan to carry boarding troops.

Here I present some ideas for how to represent it in games of Apocalypse. My first though was to give it a transport capacity, and have it loaded with other units. This wasn't a very elegant solution, as it would be rather complicated and not fit with the fact all other Titan weapon systems cost the same number of points.
What I've decided on is a system 'pre loaded' with a special assault unit of Skitarii.

Game Stats

Range: Close assault
Strength: 8
AP: 1
Special: Melta

During a round of close combat a Titan with a CAP can decide to use the embarked troopers to attack in lieu of the Titan's normal attacks. This is resolved as a single attack using the Titan's WS as normal.
If the attack is successful roll a D6 - this is the number of hits the pod makes with the above profile.

The balance of the possibly large number of melta hits is that it first requires the Titan to hit with WS2, and it isn't a primary weapon (to represent the more fragile nature of the guys inside). I have thought of special scenario rules allowing the guys inside to get out into buildings (IG vets w carapace and meltas/hvy flamer) or to flame transports/bunkers (like the siege dreadnought assault drill in IA2).

Modeling Ideas

The current plan is to use a Rhino or two for the main part of the pod, with the Elysian Lascutter guys inside. Nothing too fancy, just have to find time to do it.

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