Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished some RMM minis

Finished a pair of models recently for the RMMC (been slacking off on it due to needing to strip a heap of them) - first is Svala from Hasslefree:

Second is Svala from Hasslefree:

They were both really nice to paint, with lots of little details and a whole lot of character. As the second is the 'experienced' version of the first I painted them simultaneously to ensure the colours came out the same.

The clothes are Khemri Brown base with Snakebite Leather washed with Gryphonne Sepia and Ogryn Flesh. Young Svala has a touch of Devlan Mud, while Experienced Svala has a heavier going over to weather her more. Gloves are Dark Flesh washed with Ogryn Flesh. Belts in black, trimmed with Shining Gold and Dwarf Bronze. The pattern on the clothing changed to suit the figure's shapes and pose better, and is inspired by a Jersey Caramel (though I added some black lining to spice things up).

Chainmail is Mithril silver washed with Devlan Mud. The hammers are a Mithril Silver head (with Burnished Gold inlay), Boltgun Metal haft, Shining gold at the base of the haft, Bestial Brown grip, and Burnished Gold pommel. The whole thing was washed with Devlan Mud.

Young Svala's hair is Iyanden Darksun washed with Gryphonne Sepia. To age her a little Experienced Svala's hair was done with Bleached Bone and washed with Sepia and a little Ogryn Flesh.

Skin tones were a base of Elf Flesh, lips in Dwarf Flesh. The whole face got a glaze of Sepia, and the lips, around the hairline and base of the neck and jaw were carefully washed with Ogryn Flesh. Eyes are simply black and white.

Very happy with how they both turned out - I'm leaving the bases black on purpose as I find it best for display models and it transfers to every gaming environment easily - no taking the wild woods with you into the dungeon.

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