Wednesday, January 06, 2010

De-Blood Angel'd Space Hulk Terminators pt 3

Or part 4. Or whatever, look at the pics ;)

1st Lieutenant Aubin "Outlaw" Hawkins:

Company Sgt Gunnvarr "Gunner" Yadiz:

(I need to repaint the genestealer as it doesn't match how I ended up doing them)

Trooper Vet Jürgen "Curly" Ratna (1st Co Standard Bearer):

Trooper Vet Coeus "Eggs" Hellad:

Trooper Ver Teng "Target" Takis:

Technical Troopers Allison "Stone Cold" McKenzie and Ayden "High Voltage" Cass:

Chaplain Ilsa "Sky Pilot" DeSilva:

(I got rid of the skull head as I didn't like it)

Shoulder detail:
(the shoulder was badly cast and missing the Crux Terminatus)

The Marines are all undercoated black, basecoated Regal Blue, inked black, highlighted Space Wolf Grey. The stripe colours are Skull White, Golden Yellow, Blazing Orange, Red Gore, Goblin Green and occasionally Regal Blue and Hormagaunt Purple.
In addition to the helmet stripes the marines have the stripes on the back of their power fists. Additionaly the Lt and Sgt have personalised heraldry on thier shoulder guards (the Lt on his power fist also).

I've still got 16 more Terminators to paint...

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