Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Vampires + a new toy

Firstly, apologies for the somewhat extended delay between posts - been having a lot going on and been out and about for the weekend. But, I've gotten quite a bit done on my Vampires:

Lord Adolfo Malavechii, first son of the Baron Malavechii (click for larger).
He is the Blood Knight Kastellan's body atop the Blood Knight standard bearer's horse. This required a bit of fenangaling to fit but I think his pose suits the horse better, like he is riding someone down.

The wolf crest on his helm is due to Adolfo meaning 'noble wolf' and is taken from the Space Wolf sprues, off the top of a bolter.

The Dread Lord Hjalmarr, wight king army standard bearer. As you can see he required a bit more green stuffing to fit and the resculpting of most of his hip area. The closed helm is to make him fit more with the chaos knights I'm using as my Black Knights.
I also need to give him a mightier flagpole to carry as the original one is a bit weeny for an army standard.

More of Lady Bellona, with her left arm (from Repanse D'Lyonesse) attached and her Helm of Commandment finished minus a little cleanup.

Still very pleased with how she's turned out and hope to get her painted up soon.

And as mentioned here is my new toy, a mini scroll saw I picked up from Hobby Tools Australia (on sale too!). It only has a 16cmX 16cm footprint, so is perfect for shaping terrain bases with more prescision than a normal sized jigsaw would allow.

I'll hopefully have something done with it next Monday to show.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags - Vampire Counts

They march in full battle dress
With faces grim and pale
Tattered banners and bloody flags
Rusty spears and blades

Cries ring out, loud and harsh
From cracked and broken horns
Long forgotten battle cries
In strange and foreign tongues

Spear and sword clash rhythmically
Against the broken shields they beat
They bring their hate and anarchy
Onto Vigrid's battlefield

Yes, legions of undead have invaded my workbench. Fear not, I'm still going to be working on 40k stuff and the hulk campaign (I finished a fair bit of stuff last night on it), but I need to get my fantasy fix too.

Here is Lady Bellona Malavechii, second scion of the House Malavechii (minus her left arm)

The horse and legs are from Marius Leitdorf, torso and head is the Aristocratic Vampire, and arms are from Repanse De Lyonesse.

Firstly I shaved off the Empire markings and names before smoothing them over with greenstuff. The vampire was sawn in half and pinned to the legs. I then sculpted the face with her mouth closed and enlarged her nose. It's an ok sculpt, but a bit to Bram Stoker's Dracula: the movie for my tastes.

Her left arm will be Repanse's lance, but not upper arm as she was holding it with her arm fully flexed and I need a more open pose. The arm above will recieve an elongated robe thing coming further down, but the filler needs to cure before I do any more work.

Overall very happy with how she's turning out - it was my first time using colour shapers (also known as paint shapers) to help with the sculpting and they worked like a charm.

Skellingtons painted up. Very simple to do:

1. Base in black.
2. Heavy drybrush Khemri Brown
3. Drybrush Bleached Bone
4. Wash in Badab Black
5. Drybrush Skull White
6. Paint metals Boltgun Metal, straps in Dark Flesh, spear hafts in Vermin Brown.
7. Wash in Devlan Mud then Badab Black.

Livery for banners will either be plain black for unit standards, but the Battle Standard (carried by the Dread Lord Hjalmarr) and any magical banners will be done in black/yellow.

The Evil Pope reads from his Anti-Bible (backwards no doubt). Necromancer made from the Battle Mage kit - he'll be mounted on a Corpse Cart. The Cart will be sans-corpses and zombies as they're ugly. He'll have a host of books on there instead and it will be pulled by more skeletons.

Necromancer on foot. I simply grafted on a spare skull in place of his face.

Black Knight stand in. All the spikes and arrows were cut off and he was assembled with a normal Chaos Warrior's head instead of the super-chaosy knight one. He's also got a Grave Guard shield.
The plan is to paint the horse etheral - white base with a green or blue wash. I'm going to do some test models first to see which colour looks best.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Almost done with the Hulk Terminators

I've only got the Librarian left to do now that these two are done:

Captain Hillard "Cheif" Schliemann. Obviously added a helmet, but other than the BA symbols he has no work done to him. A pretty easy paint job, I'm pleased with how he turned out.
I had toyed with the idea of giving him a cape of many colours, but with the tassle look it's got going on it was fruity enough as is without going totally disco.
Curiously he only has one purity seal on him.

Trooper Veteran Kurt "B.M.O.C." Toivo. Nothing too spectacular to say about him really. Saevus means savage in latin.

Back of his power fist. No Prize of a rambling tale of the origins of the name if anyone guesses what BMOC stands for.

Also aside from three pictures the first 33 pages of the Cradle of Despair are 100% complete!