Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mass Effect Madness! Movies, Miniatures & More!

An anonymous poster asked a while back what minis I was using, so here is a breakdown (they're all Infinty minis unless noted otherwise):

Liara is a Sophotects, Shep an ORC Trooper, Tali an Odalisque.

Single shot of Liara, 'cause why not?

Kaidan is a Zhanshi yisheng.

The Mako, the greatest tank ever* is a Karbardin APC from Antenocitis' Workshop.

* Mako > Thresher Maw
Thresher Maw > Reaper
Mako > Reaper???

Miranda (armoured) is a Yuan Yuan merc. Not sure yet for an unarmoured version, maybe something Aleph.

Jacob, who continues to search for the priiiize, is an Interventor.

Ash is a Swiss Guard.

Wrex is a 'Frogan', via Shapeways. The design is fine, but the limitations of the creation method compared to traditional minis is quite apparent.

Kasumi is a  Kempaitai.

Garrus is a Yaogat.

Vega will be a Janissary or ORC troop, not decided yet.
Zaeed I think will go with a Asawira or Janissary.
Traynor I'm leaning towards Ghulam Infantry.
Kelly I'm undecided as yet, but the Proxies from the Posthuman set look very workable.
Anderson could be the Highlander SAS.
Thane is giving me trouble - there are suitable minis in design but not in pose.
Mordin... yeah, I got nothing.

More Mass Effect Movies:

United We Stand (ME3 spoilers):

Everlasting (Shep loves Liara)

D'aaaaawwwww ^_^

Saturday, March 03, 2012

More Mass Effect Minis

With Mass Effect 3's release just around the corner I've been working on more of my Infinity conversions.




and everybody's favourite, the Mako.

I've also got Ash, Wrex, Jacob and Miranda on the bench. Everybody's primed and a few have base coats on, so should have some more pics soon.