Monday, June 11, 2012

What is Best in Life? Hasslefree and Red Box minis

So, yes, I finally got back into doing some painting. No, it's not my Mass Effect figures - in all honestly I probably won't get back to them until the Extended Cut comes out and I get my ME mojo back.

First up is Sana from Hasslefree Minis:

A beautiful mini (she's resin) and great to paint. Got some weird reflections in the pics making it look like there are a few white spots, but they aren't really there.

Next up is Ferrus, also from Hasslefree:

Like Sana he's resin, and while not as flawless as, say, a Studio McVey LE mini, there was almsot zero cleanup required - only issue was a bit of greenstuffing required on the joins around their wrists. No flash, and barely any mould lines at all. Crisp details and soft enough to cut easily without being too soft that I'm worried about them sagging in heat etc.

Lastly is Hakar the Horrible from Red Box:

When taking the photos I noticed I got some grey on his right arm and the handle of his axe.

Bummer - that skin's going to be tough to fix.

The plan is to base them with a grass/snow mixture - going to play around with GW's new snow texture stuff and see what happens.

Group shot with a couple of other Red Box barbarians:

 I'm painting these guys up to (hopefully) get a game of Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies in with them and my other generic fantasy figs. Should have some more to show soon.

If that isn't enough to sate your barbarian rage, check out

and take the membership test:

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