Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Divisio Mandati - Igneus Angelus complete

Finally finished my Reaver's honour banner, thus meaning Igneus Angelus is now 100% complete:

She's earned two more kills to add there to boot. The cirlces are Ork kills, stars for traitors. Eldar get triangles, and unknowns get diamonds.
The icon on the bottom is Princeps d'Orleans' rank badge.

Super fancy ominous shot:

With the sentinels, which I cleverly left behind....

Enginseer Luchs hard at work:

I took some better shots of the crew while I was at it and had good lighting:

I'm considering re-doing d'Orleans' hair as I'm now much better with green stuff, though I may just 'volumise' it (did I say I was finished? whoops).

Ending with a nice shot of the dashboard.

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