Monday, July 15, 2013

Scorpio Colossi

Since my harvest of skulls is still yet to arrive I decided to get started on my Greater Brass Scorpion. Now obviously since I'm using its cannon for the Soul of Atrocity it would need something to fill its spot:

I never really liked the "gun face" look, and the pair of cluster caltrop pods from the Reaver Jetbike box fit perfectly. They're mounted on the front of a Sentinel and there's an armour plate from a Defiler claw above it.
If anybody complains about lack of demolisher canon they shoot death rays, obviously, I mean sheeze...

Less obviously all the armour plates and the fore claws are not glued on yet so they can be painted separately.

Also I'm not sure what to name this one. I was thinking Desecration of Hope, but it's not murderous enough. Something with Annihilation, Obliteration or the like in it maybe. Fast, brutal but with a sense of grandeur and giganticness to it. Suggestions welcome!

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