Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Khornepocalypse Begins!

The planets have aligned and it time to unleash the unending horror of the Blood God's mighty warmachine!

Construction has begun on the Tower of Skulls Soul of Atrocity - the cuts in the hull are to accommodate the building pieces I'll be using to create the tower. I sliced out the pieces using my Dremel, and fitted some bits of sprue as strutting to keep it a bit more stable.
Much like the Tower featured in Reload I'll be using the Basilica Administratum pieces for most of the tower, but rather than hexagonal I'll be going square, using the window section of the Aquila Shrine for the front facing.

The side sponsons are fitted with Defiler autocannons, but required cutting out sections of the hull to fit the back of the guns. I started by drilling a series of holes in the hull before using clippers to cut out the remaining section.

It left a fairly ugly hole, but it is totally concealed when the sponson is in place:

Also added some gnarly extra exhaust pipes, spiked rams and some icons. And, yes, that is a Black Ark of Naggaroth skull in the foreground and I'm happy to have finally found something worthy of mounting it on.
I'm undecided if I'll be mounting it on the front glacias plate or over the main gun - it'll just depend on how well it fits when the cannon arrives.
But what cannon I'll be using shall be a surprise.

And speaking of guns, I had a leftover Baneblade turret, so made this thing:

That is a great summation of what the Khornepocalypse is all about - mad, mad war machines covered in skulls and spikes, but I shall do a longer examination of the concept behind this army in the near future.

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