Sunday, August 23, 2009

Intel for Titans - Pre Game Planning

What you need to know before you field your engine of death.

There are a suprising number of variables when fielding a superheavy in an army list - weapon loadouts the most common - and there are a few things that need to be brought up when planning an Apocalypse game. Yes, you really do need to plan these sorts of things thoroughly - you don't want to make your battle plan up and discover that the other side has a completely different idea of how reserves are working (in Apocastrike or Cities of Apocalypse especially). It's happened to me, and while no big deal really, it is a pain in the rear at the time with everything else going on.

D Limits - some groups limit SHs to one StrD weapon per unit (or player) - no Ultimate Jerkface Configuration for your Reaver then...

SH or Structure Point Limits - maximums of SHs and/or structure points per player or per team. If it's a per team limit how are they to be divided up. If it's a number of SH units cap you may need to re-think the all Baneblade army idea. Personally I favour an even(ish) number of SHs per side, as one side being outnumbered by alot will lose like they've never lost before

'Counts as', WYSIWYG & Proxying - Is this allowed? Does your Titan need to be armed with what it has or can that VMB count as a good gun? Is it necessary to have all sponsons on a Stormshadowbladelordhammer 100% accurate?

I personally avoid this in mega-battle type games, as there is so much happening that having to remind everyone every five seconds what weapons you have is an unnecessary distraction.

House Rules? - If playing as a guest are there any peculiarities of that gaming establishment? Are all explosions Apocalyptic with max radius? Do StrD weapons cause D3 wounds on GCs?

Loadouts - Do they need to be declared when army lists are submitted or can they be decided on the day? Obviously a big tactical consideration if you don't know what enemies you'll be facing.

Other important factors are how tables will be layed out, their dimensions, objectives etc etc. Working these out beforehand will allow you to make a much more informed army list choice, and see that your Titan (or Stompa or Heirodule or Scorpion) make as big an impression as possible.

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