Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horus Heresy Boardgame Minis

Titan of the Legio Ignatium (Fire Wasps ). The shin badge is 2mm tall x 2.5mm across. Only two more to do.

He's Adeptus Battlegrey for the body, Red Gore for the armour (with Golden Yellow trim on teh hips), Bubonic Brown and Orkhide Shade for the carapace, and Boltgun Metal for the weapons.
The eyes were detailed with Regal Blue, then the whole model washed with Badab Black.

The logo is Skull White, Ultramarines Blue, Chaos Black and Golden Yellow.

Tiny Baneblade! These and the Army dudes (below) will be getting a variety of colour schemes on them since there's so many of them.

Gretchin Green, Orkhide Shade, Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black washed black.

Mechanicus and Army stands.

Mechanicus are Red Gore and Boltgun metal washed Badab Black.
Army are Gretchin Green, Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black. Washed Badab Black.

The Custodes are Burnished Gold with Blood red robes, plumes and left shoulder eagles. Their spears have Boltgun Metal hafts, Adeptus Battlegrey guns, Mithril Silver blades.
The Arbites are Adeptus Battlegrey Armour, Ultramarines Blue robes, Badab Black guns, and Boltgun Metal for the shield icon and headcrest. The Judge's maul is in Mithril Silver.
Both units washed Badab Black.

Bases for everyone are Fortress Grey washed in black to match the unit stands (visible in the first picture).

One important thing to consider is to make each unit very distinct in its colouration - they're only 10mm tall and fairly similar at a distance, so it is important, as these are primarily gaming pieces so need to be easily recognisable, to make them distinct from one another.

For instance when I paint the Khorne affiliated cultists they can't just be red dudes in robes as they will be far to similar to the Mechanicus units. My thought is to make them a more reddish-brown colour accented with a bright red to stand out.
Similarly some Marines have to be in their iconic colours but easily seperated from one another - Blood Angels will have black trim, while the World Eaters will have brass.

The new member of the Fire Wasps with one of my rather ancient Adeptus Titanicus titans. The camouflaged carapace scheme is from the original box art of said game. I changed the blue body to 'black' (the Deaths Heads will be true black cuz they're evil) as I'm not a fan of the blue-red combo.

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