Sunday, December 13, 2009

'tis the season...

for cheap scenery!

This is a piece I made a few years ago, around this time of the year. It is simply an angel statue purchased from a department store, stuck to a art store nameplate with a Reaper mini (The Praying Paladin) kneeling before it. Finding the right one can be hard - there were others in this line playing harps and such, but holding the book seemed to fit the Imperial motif well enough.

The whole thing was sprayed grey, then I sprayed black from a fair distance to give a slight spatter effect. After that I sprayed it closer up from above to give an acid rain effect. Lastly I got an old toothbrush and flicked black paint up closer in spots and scrubbed to give some more texture.

Here's the paladin up close showing the mottled effect.

A very simple project, taking about an hour all up for assembly and painting, but one that turned out rather well I think.

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