Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Koronus Gazetter Issue #2

Well, here is Issue Two of my player handout. Issue #1 went over great with the players - in fact next session they'll be investigating a few hooks from the classifieds and back page.

The PCs, of House Drake, will also get their first taste of fame in this issue. Last adventure I combined the Forsaken Bounty and Into the Maw adventures, so they encountered one Hadarak Fel (though not in person) and after some tricky combat got a great crit hit on his ship and blew most of its systems out.
They claimed the Emperor's Bounty, drove off Fel and made a deal with the Kasballica (who I'm presenting as more space-Yakuza [ie quasi-legitimate]) to salvage it.
Though of course the Kasballica require something of the PCs to prove they can be trusted in business, as their family is in a not godd financial position... leading into a fun filled trip to Egaria Omega *mwahahaha!*

Also a big internet high five to Andy Hoare for writing the books that contain a great swathe of the characters I'm using. Working out the character's backstories one of the (rabidly anti-xenos) PCs childhood sweetheart was one Charlabelle Armelan, hirer of kroot, weilder of Eldar weapons *mwahahaha!*

Got a whole load of ideas to throw at the party - kidnapped crew, Nigerian Prince scams, incompetent but politically necessary midshipman and so much more.

I'm also going to do some sketches of the various cast and crew once I get descriptions of the PCs finalised (one of them might just be 5'10", bald and kinda stocky...). Some pictures I have done recently though to end this post:

She's scowling because I haven't coloured her hair in.

It's not that I haven't finished the couch, it's a clear inflatable one.

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