Saturday, February 25, 2012

Koronus Gazetter #3

So here is issue #3, and possiably the last issue for a while as the PCs will be shortly embarking on the quest for the Dread Pearl detailed in Lure of the Expanse.

That is assuming they escape the Egarian maze-city they're currently stuck in and get past the swarms of Rak'Gol waiting outside.

The quest for the Dread Pearl will take them far from the civilised (and not-so-civilised) ports of the Coreward stars to the very edges of the galaxy, where it is hard to get one's newspaper delivered. It'll also be pitting them against nine other Rogue Traders in a race so they'll be sure to be motivated and will be completely unable to turtle (or if they do they'll surely fail).

Lure of the Expanse (and many Rogue Trader whatits) was written by the blogospere's own Andy Hoare, who is currently working on a rather fun sword 'n' sprcery ruleset called Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies. You can read more about it, download the beta rules and give any feedback at his blog.

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