Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sedition Wars WiP

After a painting absence of several months I've put brush to mini again, starting on my Sedition Wars minis. First up is a Firebrand Conscript:

I'm giving her a fairly mish-mash colour scheme on purpose. The concept is she is in civillian clothes (blue tee, khaki cargos, brown hiking shoes) with added on armour. The armour is dark grey with blue-grey strapping aiming for a riot cop type scheme.
For the gloves and respirator will be painted up with garish orange or yellow to give the impression of civillian gear.

I'm not decided on how to paint her gun or hair yet. Part of me wants to give her some really garish dye-job - green, purple or the like - but I'm not too sure how it'll work out.
I don't want to go black or metallic on the gun, though I don't have much of a choice really. End result will probably end up being a different shading technique or somesuch to differentiate it.

The models themselves are the usual super-high quality of Studio McVey (I got them all in resin, though metals are out now for the Vanguard line). As an example one of the Vanguard troopers has a backpack:

It fits superbly:

The only figure I had any trouble assembling was Akosha Nama (the sniper) due to everything basically needing to be glued in place simultaneously and my only having two hands.

Also today my Jaggernat arrived (or at least I noticed he was on the front step). He's a big boy:

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