Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hasslefree Tomoko and Vissarisa

Finally painted up Tomoko (ie Major Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell) by Hasslefree, in similar colours to her Stand Alone Complex guise. I think the shading came out very nicely on her jacket and bodysuit.

Here she is with the Firebrand Conscript I posted earlier. I kept the Major clean and smooth with a limited colour scheme to show her as a more professional fighter opposed to the Firebrand who is grittier and more thrown together.

She doesn't yet have a base as I'm going to give her a Sedition Wars one when they arrive to make her match the rest of my 'hard sci-fi' type minis.

Funnily enough Hasslefree put up a clear resin version of her, then sold out, while I was painting her. Oh well, I'll try and get one from the next run.

I've also been working on Vissarisa:

I still need to highlight her tabbard, face and give her shield a crest, but otherwise she's almost done.

I'm also trying (fairly unsucessfully) to fight off lust for the Phantom Titan. I'm thinking a dark greenish-blue colour scheme with glowing tracery over it, TRON Legacy style. I've played around in photoshop with the preview pics and I think it could work.

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