Monday, July 02, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

So the Extended Cut of ME3 finally came out the other week, and I have played it through a couple of times now. Personally, I enjoyed it very much and thought the team did a great job (though it is the job they should have done in the first place...). It adressed the biggest issues (for me at least) with the ending - namely lack of closure both with your crew and lack of information about what you achieved.

"Hey, Vega?"
"What's up, Kaidan?"
"You know our guns?"
"We probably shouldn't have left them all on the truck, should we?"

It's by no means perfect - many people unhappy with the catalyst are annoyed it's still there, though the dialogue is significantly expanded with it, and a fourth 'refuse' option is added. I also like that if you take your LI along for the final charge you get a final goodbye:

It's a little unclear but the choices are: "I'll always love you" or "You'll only slow me down".
Oh, Shep, you so bipolar.

The final existing cutscenes are expanded, explainging Joker and the Normandy's 'running away', as well as how people got back on the ship. The voice acting is as great as always, and never feels 'tacked on' - the final narrations are spot on, though I thought EDI's was a big overdone on the isn't this all amazing and wonderful front. Hackett's speach was a truely great one.
Taking different squadies gets you different dialogues. Liara's is rather heartbreaking...

But while his lines are delivered perfectly, the animations lose some of the effect for Vega:

Ah well, still all good. On a more relavent note I did some painting of my ME minis - but it was actually to do some work on Shep than finishing anything new, then I got really sick, so whoops there. Should get to do some this week though.

And I'm sure this will come as a complete surprise to you all, but I made a Mass Effect vid - this time with Nightwish:

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