Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Farseer, naming the TRONdar and some Haiku.

I've just about finished my TRONdar's HQ, a Farseer:

You'll note I took the top of her staff off and replaced it, as well as the base which is made from black acrylic (via Litko) so it's super gloss. I'll be basing all the infantry this way, and the walkers on clear.

This leads in to the naming, both of the Phantom and her Craftworld.

Using Tolkien's Quenya dictionary I came up with Turonndor, roughly meaning "Kings/rulers of the Stone Land". Some of the word compounding is probably not quite right, but it's a good base for 40k anyway.

Now, rendering it in different (using TengScribe) ways nets some slightly different results:

These are, from top to bottom: Turonndor, Turondor, Tur on ndor and Tur Onndor. Personally, I like the shorter Turondor, even though it drops an 'n'.

The Phantom herself is Cehtelë-ráma, Hecilë var Tamin – Fountain-wing, Forsaken of the Forge:

Bit more complicated, but I'm not going to need to use it more than once.

Also, since I haven't done much painting (it's rather cold here - I'm wearing an ushanka as I type this), here are some Phantom / Apocalypse inspired Haiku:

Field of tears and pain,
No end to this life of grief,
Big can o' whoop-ass.

So many points spent,
To field the mighty Phantom,
Shame about the save.

Pulsar and cannon,
Reach out far to destroy foes,
Missiles only 48".

Weeks building, painting,
Ready for mega battle,
F-ing melta vets.

Necrons advance slowly,
C'tan no problem today,
10" blast = phase-out.

Enemy rent asunder,
Objective still lost this day,
Should have brought some troops.

Got a 40k Haiku of your own? Leave it in the comments!

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