Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lisbeth by Studio McVey - progress and adding earphones

Surf's up dudemeisters!

I've been continuing to work on Lisbeth from Studio McVey, finalising her mounting and cleaning up a few details. As seen in the picture below the grenade is finished being turned into a water bottle, and I've added the wire from what is now her iPod case (or whatever they have in the future) for her earphones.

The wire is a single strand pulled from some standard multi-core electrical wiring salvaged from an ancient stereo. I drilld a guide hole with a 0.35mm bit, and secured the wire with superglue.

Next step was to carefully wrap the wire around her body. Areas to be careful around are using enough pressure to bend the wire so it doesn't pull back, but not enough to pull it from its mounting. The other thing to be careful of is to not kink the wire, or it'll look like rubbish. In the above pic you can also see where I've re-sculpted her left hand's fingers.

As you can see the wire is bowed out to the right of frame (her left) to indicate movement.

Then I simply glued it into place under her helmet. If I'd planned ahead I could have drilled guide holes, but I didn't. It's out of focus, but the re-scuplted right hand can be seen above and below.

The second wire for her right ear is glued in place.

Leave it to dry and don't try to re-position it 'just a little bit'. It'll fall out. Trust me.
It's probably also a good idea to cut the wire shorter than I did.

The right ear wire gets bent into position, cut to length, glued to the longer wire and we're done!

Here she is in what will be her final positioning, ready for priming (the pin is mounted to the board so I can take her off for painting) - a bit of a difference from the original!

Cowabunger! Totaly tubular! Wiggity wiggity! Reaganomics!

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