Monday, March 08, 2010

Galadhrim go to war!

I finished off my Galadhrim Knights, which is good as they took the field in a battle today:

Basically the same scheme as the warriors, but with bows done in Vermin Brown.
The horses are a mix of Bestial Brown, Skull White and Scorched Brown. Manes are done in Vomit Brown and Charadon Granite.

As mentioned, today I played two games with my Galdhrim, winning two Major Victories - huzzah!

My list was:

2 x Knights with Bow
2 x Knights with Blade and Shield
6 x Warriors with Blade
6 x Warriors with Spear and Shield
4 x Warriors with Bow

My opponent had Legolas and an all foot force composed of Numenorians and High Elves with blade and bow.

The first game was Sieze the Prize - get to the centre objective, dig it up and escape off of the board. Basically I used my cavalry to speed up, get the objective first and race off. Game over in 4 turns.

The knights speed towards the objective (the red dice in the centre) - the enemy forces can bee seen in the distance.

We replayed and rolled up Domination - 1 objective in each table quarter. In the end it was 3-1 in my favour, partly due to some lucky rolls for priority and one swordsman fending off eight enemy warriors! Unfortunatley, I forgot to get a picture.

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