Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Vampires + a new toy

Firstly, apologies for the somewhat extended delay between posts - been having a lot going on and been out and about for the weekend. But, I've gotten quite a bit done on my Vampires:

Lord Adolfo Malavechii, first son of the Baron Malavechii (click for larger).
He is the Blood Knight Kastellan's body atop the Blood Knight standard bearer's horse. This required a bit of fenangaling to fit but I think his pose suits the horse better, like he is riding someone down.

The wolf crest on his helm is due to Adolfo meaning 'noble wolf' and is taken from the Space Wolf sprues, off the top of a bolter.

The Dread Lord Hjalmarr, wight king army standard bearer. As you can see he required a bit more green stuffing to fit and the resculpting of most of his hip area. The closed helm is to make him fit more with the chaos knights I'm using as my Black Knights.
I also need to give him a mightier flagpole to carry as the original one is a bit weeny for an army standard.

More of Lady Bellona, with her left arm (from Repanse D'Lyonesse) attached and her Helm of Commandment finished minus a little cleanup.

Still very pleased with how she's turned out and hope to get her painted up soon.

And as mentioned here is my new toy, a mini scroll saw I picked up from Hobby Tools Australia (on sale too!). It only has a 16cmX 16cm footprint, so is perfect for shaping terrain bases with more prescision than a normal sized jigsaw would allow.

I'll hopefully have something done with it next Monday to show.

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