Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Mass Effect - Play Arts Kai: Garrus

From the first wave of the Play Arts Kai line of Mass Effect comes everyone's favourite Turian Mr Garrus Vakarian. He is the only figure from wave one I've purchased, as FemShep (aka the real Shep) is in wave two with Tali and Ash isn't Kaidan - though I might pick her up after playing around with Garrus.

For those of you who keep stuff MiB, the packaging is really very nice and includes a cover so you can look inside as well as a little bio and info about his weapons.
Out of the box he stands at around 9" tall and is quite heavy in the hand. Detailing is good, as are the decos.

Being ME3 Garrus he has the scars but armour that doesn't have a giant hole in it. He's equiped with two weapons, the M-29 Incisor sniper rifle and the M-15 Vindicator assault rifle.

"You know me, I always like to savor the last shot before popping the heat sink.”
Wait… that metaphor just went somewhere horrible.”

The Vindicator makes sense as it is initially acquired on his recruitment mission in ME2, but the Incisor is a bit odd - it isn't his "standard" weapon - that's the M-92 Mantis which no other character comes equipped with it. FemShep looks to be coming with the N7 Valiant, so it's not her, and the only other characters to use sniper rifles aren't in ME3. Still, not a big deal and likely to make the colour pallette match more closely.

The Inscisor is a bit tricky to get in his trigger hand dur to the shape of the grip/stock, but once in he holds both weapons perfectly. And speaking of hands...

Articulation wise he's loaded up with ratchet joints and some swivels. Many of his joints, particularly the bicep and thigh swivels, were very very tight - to the point where I was doubting it was meant to be a hinge at all - I guess she really did have the flexability!

Still, once freed he is capable of a huge range of poses, though his digigrade legs make balancing him in the more action packed stances a tricky affair.

"If anyone needs fresh clips or a bathroom break, now's the time."

I couldn't get him to kneel successfully, but he can shoulder his rifles and pull off a good range of stable poses with relative ease.

Garrus: So, Liara. Ever dug up one of those... What do humans call it? A dinosaur? 
 Liara: No. Dinosaurs and other fossils are palaeontology. I'm an archaeologist. I study relics left behind by sapient species, and... You were joking. 
Garrus: A bit. But at least you're catching on these days.

Scale wise he does fit in with more or less with the Liara bishoujo statue, though either she's tall or he's short as Garrus is one of the tallest of the Normandy crew. And there's the obvious stylistic differences, but they do sit well together on a shelf.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with Garrus, both in terms of accuracy and usefulness as a man-dolly. I'm very excitedly looking forward to the release of FemShep and Tali now, and hopefully Liara and Kaidan or Vega in the next wave!

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